Best Apple Watch Apps for Health Freaks and Lazy Bums [2019 Update]

How much could you relate to the title by yourself?

Do you fall in the health freak category or the lazy bums? I surely do follow the second crowd, and not ashamed.

Apple watch apps for fitness

But it’s high time that we take a look at our eating styles and nutrition-intake so that we could have a healthy future generation. Umm, was that too much? Anyway, by the title itself, you already know what I am going to discuss here, so without wasting any further time let’s get to the Apple Watch Apps!

Top Apple Watch Apps for Health and Fitness

If you own one Apple Watch and tired of using it – I highly bet that you wouldn’t have tried the Fitness Apps on it. Now, if you have installed and tried Kudos! But if you haven’t, then you can take a look at the Best Fitness Apps that you can set for your Apple Watch:


An amazing and easy-go app to get started with the exercising! There are different workout options available with the differing duration and intensity level. You can take a look at them, and select the suitable one. Do a set of reps, and then tap on the screen to proceed with the next exercise.


Next, we have the WorkOutdoors app that works similar to any workout app. But there’s an added entity here and that is Maps, which is rarely found among the features of Apple watch. You can now navigate through the places, and mark the positions where you want to workout.


If you are too lazy enough to listen to the Apple Watch app instructions, maybe a cute animation will work out for you. Standland app is for those people who are in constant need of the nagging thing. Once you complete the task, you will be rewarded for your activity by a display of many cute creatures that will come up on the watch screen.

Which of these three apps would you probably use? And, why?

Keep grinding, keep moving!

Essential Smartphone Apps for all Abroad Studying Students [UPDATED]

You have recently shifted to abroad for studies, then I have something special for you guys.

We all have a smartphone in hand, but how many of you are using it in the right way. If you are someone who just got out of their hometown for study or work, then there are certain apps that you must compulsorily have on your phones.

Abroad Studying Students

Essential Smartphone Apps for all Abroad Studying Students

What is the main requirement that you got when you are away from your family and friends?

You need to have a connection, and the need to explore the city and travel as much as you can. Skype, Google Maps, Evernote, Whatsapp etc is found in most of the smartphones these days. So, I won’t be including them in the list. Following are the lesser known but some cool apps for college students while going abroad.

1. TripAdvisor

This app helps you with selecting the right hotel or restaurants based on the filters you have set on it. You could set the budget, type of food, or any other specification you have got. They review the hotels and other dining places so that you go only for the best.

2.ย Oanda Currency Converter

If you have joined abroad for study purpose, then you are quite obviously going to deal with the currency converting thing. To make all conversion work easier for you, install the Oanda Currency Converter and let the app make the conversions easier for you. It runs on WiFi but still works fine without it also.

3. Rome2Rio

It’s a website-turned-app which is named Rome2Rio. They will show you the best deals or ways of reaching from one to another. Flying is not the only choice that you could make. Sometimes, traveling by train can help you reach the destination at a less expense. This is what Rome2Rio application is all about! It’s super handy for your weekend tours and bike-trips.

These are the Apps which according to me will come to a big help for the Abroad studying students. Especially, those who have recently joined for study or work.