Smartphone Apps That Teens Are Hooked on to These Days

Each and every person that you may come across has a smartphone. Sadly, due to the societal pressure, even the kids these days got a smartphone. Although, I find it unnecessary at a small age. By kids, I meant the teenage users, who are hooked on the smartphones and applications that even their parents won’t be knowing how to operate.

Also, not one app works in the same manner so I shall list out different types of apps which the teens are mostly using these days.

Smartphone Apps That Teens Are Hooked on to These Days

I would measure the app based on the risk involved using the yellow and the red light signal.

Yellow indicates to proceed with caution, and red simply shows to stop using the app. Also, considering teens and apps – compatibility is important too. Apps can add age restrictions if the app content is too adult for some age group.

Smartphone Apps And Teens

House Party

I will give this a yellow signal. House Party is more like a group FaceTime call, but it may send call invitation to someone whom you don’t know but is a friend of the person in the call.


It all started from the app where you could lip-sync and record video in the vine-style format. But, because of the chat feature and the possibility of anyone to message you, I would give a yellow signal for the same.


You are probably on Instagram too, and you may already know the nuisances of the application. However, the one I am talking about is the Finstagram. It’s a fake Instagram account where you can be sensuous and care-free with the uploads. Here, the person may upload true content, even if he/she doesn’t like it personally.


This app was formerly a yellow one, although now it’s a red application for me. It’s like the Tinder app for the teenage audience. Like the adult-dating app which requires you to swipe left or right, the Yubo is not much regulated than the former. The user profile snaps may not be clearly visible, and also a 13-year-old can use this app! They also have video chat room features, which may not be appropriate for kids. A complete red signal for the application.

What are your experiences so far, and your thoughts of kids using smartphone apps?


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